Tuesday, August 22, 2017

An Uncomfortable Truth: Oneida County Statistics 101

How many times have you heard it lately?

We're overtaxed, over regulated and it is literally driving people out of Oneida County.

But don't just take my word for it. Please, take 10 minutes out of your busy life and click on this link. Look for the icons of Central NY counties below the video link. Kindly click on Oneida County and start reading.


I'm going to cheat and give you some of the highlights:

  • Federal and State income taxes are about 1/4 of your earnings
  • Sales tax comes in at number three
  • Your total tax burden (TTB) is between 30% and 50% of your annual income
  • There are over 200 different types of taxes in NYS
  • From 2010 to 2016, Oneida County lost about 3800 people (almost 2 a day, every day)
If you have another 10 minutes to waste, do yourself a favor and click on any other county that borders Oneida County. While their income may be less, you will note they are keeping more of it at the end of the year ... and you will also note, they are not losing population like Oneida County is.

This study probably has some flaws in it. Some of the numbers may be skewed high but conversely, some of the numbers may be skewed low. I think they are trying to establish some sort of average.

Notice how much of your income really isn't disposable. Disposable income is that extra money left over after paying for necessities and in Central NY, especially Oneida County, too many people are struggling to make ends meet. Without disposable income, the quality of life really suffers. The ability to take a vacation, save for retirement and simply enjoy some of the superfluities of life are severely restricted.

The Oneida County Legislature is not going to do anything about your state and federal taxes; those are simply beyond their reach. However, they can do something about the next largest slice of tax you will pay, and that is by lowering the sales tax rate.

Our neighboring counties have sales tax rates ranging from 7.75% (Lewis County) to 8.25% (Herkimer County). Oneida County rings the bell and wins the cigar at 8.75% ... to really compete, we need to be on par with our neighbors or we will continue losing good and talented people. We have lost almost 43,000 people since 1972 (45 years ago). This cannot continue. If it does, the exodus rate will only go up as less people are still here paying more to make up for the loss.

I explained in a previous blog how applying the Oneida Indian Nation annual payments can easily be applied to taking at least 1/2% off the sales tax rate. It can be done. The only real question is, are there enough Legislators willing to do it?

My opponent is not showing any leadership on this issue. I promise you I will when I get there.

Nag reminder time: Please vote on Primary Day, September 12 if you are a resident of District 16 and are a registered Republican or Conservative. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Let's make Oneida County great again.

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