Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This is what you get with an inexperienced Legislator.

In a previous blog, I talked about the proposed 195' communications tower that Mrs. Pratt did not vote against. I titled it "Profiles in Cowardice." (Scroll backwards on my blog to read it.)

It's no longer proposed. It's there, and it did not pass site plan review from the town. They stuck it there anyway, and now I'm naming it the official Mary Pratt Memorial Tower. This is what you get with an inexperienced Legislator who didn't know better than to ask questions (can it be co-located, can it be lower, can it be placed somewhere well off the road, etc) or at least ask for a delay while nearby residents are informed and allowed to publicly comment on it.

The first picture is taken from the intersection of Higby and Sessions Road, and the second is taken directly across the street. Notice the tower is placed just off the road, perhaps 20' back.

During my last term on the town board, we enacted legislation to regulate wind powered turbines. We were very careful to regulate height, placement from the road and also added that there had to be a fall zone at least as big in diameter as the tower height. This was to ensure that no building, road or adjacent property could be damaged if Mother Nature decided to take the tower down suddenly.

This, of course was completely disregarded in the construction of this tower. The black you see at the bottom of picture #2 is Higby Road. What I'm not showing you is the house directly across the street about 100' back from the road. If this tower comes down in a storm, not only could somebody driving on Higby Road be killed, but anybody in the house could be killed also. This is planning at it's worst, and how did Mrs. Pratt cast her vote when it came to the floor?

She abstained, along with her co-legislator Jim D'Onofrio.

That is poor representation, pure and simple.

We can do better. Projects like these, if absolutely needed, can usually find an alternate site farther off the beaten path. At the very least, basic decency tells anybody with common sense that the residents should have been allowed to comment and make suggestions, not to mention the county completely disregarded Town of New Hartford law and built it there anyway.

You have a choice on Primary Day, September 12. I'm respectfully asking for your vote so mistakes like this doosy won't be repeated.

Thank you.


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