Saturday, September 9, 2017

Heading into Tuesday, Sept 12 - Primary Day

Let's begin to wrap this up: Oneida County has been losing businesses and as a consequence, population since the mid-1970s. People leave when the going gets too rough. Businesses leave when they're not profitable anymore. It's a vicious circle and the escalation of taxes over the last 4 decades is primarily responsible. According to google, Oneida County has lost about 43,000 people in the last 45 years and the number would be twice that without new refugees (and counting prison inmates!).

That's almost 3 people a day moving out of Oneida County for the last 4 decades. If 12 move in, 15 move out. If 1 moves in, 4 move out -EVERY DAY for over 40 years! This rate of loss cannot continue much longer.

As I've already emphasized, we're overtaxed and over regulated. I propose the following:

  • Immediate lowering of the sales tax rate (we are the highest upstate!) from 8.75% to 8.25% to match Herkimer County. I propose using the Oneida Indian Nation settlement money to do this.
  • Putting together a committee of retired professionals to look at where those who choose to leave are going and why. If we don't know why people are leaving, how can we begin to change things to stem the loss?
  • Reform our Industrial Development system. DUMP EDGE is the first step. In this I find myself agreeing with the County Executive - we need better. All EDGE seems good at doing is moving existing businesses around. This accomplishes nothing.
  • Implement term limits on the OC Board of Legislators so we do not end up with 25-year incumbents who have lost their zest and new ideas. The deadwood needs to be culled out and it looks like the only way that will happen is though legislation making it so.
  • Make the Oneida County Clerk follow the Open Meetings/Freedom of Information laws by forcing her to electronically transmit FOIL requests at no charge (as the law already says). Revenue is nice, but her "policy" violates state law and that needs to be addressed.
  • Visiting and rewriting the ethics policies so that elected officials cannot prey on county workers to advance their own political careers and elected legislators cannot feast at the table they set by vending to the county with the rules they create.
The definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different results.

We need change. Somebody has to stand up. I promise you, just as I stood up and fought for you on the Town Board, I will stand up and fight for you on the Legislature. District 16 (Bridgewater, Paris and part of New Hartford) need a Legislator that will not knuckle under to the machine currently running things.

I am not the machine candidate. I am somebody that will work hard for you. The (appointed not elected) machine candidate has already voted repeatedly to take more money from you (Increased cell phone taxes and $44 million dollar downtown hospital parking garage) while failing to protect you (see my older post about the 195' communications tower).

Once more and then I'm done for a while: Primary day is Tuesday Sept 12 and the polls are open from noon until 9pm. If you are a District 16 Republican or Conservative, please come out and use the best method of expressing your political desires there is: Please vote.

Thank you.

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